How to create and connect Metamask wallet to Chimera Kingdom game

❗️ Metamask supports multiple web browsers. Choose any browser from the list.

  1. First of all, you need to install official Metamask browser extension. You can find it on Metamask website or in your browser’s extension store.

2. Metmaask extension will open a welcome page in a new tab where you can start creating your wallet. Click on the “Get started” button.

3. Choose “Create a wallet” if you don’t have one. And import your wallet if you have.

4. Allow or prevent MetaMask from tracking your actions. Choose any of these options.

It's up to you.

5. Create a password and agree with the terms of use. Click “Сreate”.

6. Watch short video and click “Next”.

7. Click on the picture with a lock. You will see the secret recovery phrase. Write it down and hide, so only you can access it. Click “Next”.

8. Confirm your secret phrase by arranging words in the correct order. Click “Next”.

9. You wallet is created. Click “Done”.

10. Go back to the game page. If you didn't get access to the game, please reload the page. If you have any problem with your Metamask wallet in the game, connect us:

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