General can be equipped. Equipment gives bonuses to units in a battle. Each item of equipment has rarity: from common to legendary. Legendary equipment can only be obtained by crafting it at the forge.

Equpment set

If player collects a set of 6 items of equipment, General will receive an additional fourth skill. The higher the rarity of the equipment, the stronger the skill.

Equipment merge

Equpment items have levels. When player first receives one, it is level 1. Player can merge 2 identical equipment items of the same level and increase the level. Level affects the bonus given by the item.

Each item has a small chance to transform into a different item during the merge. It is called the "chimera factor". This is the only way to get "chimered" equipment.


Every item has a durability points, from 10 to 100 (according to rarity). For each battle an equipment loses one point. If durability is lower than 50% there is no longer item bonus.

If it drops to zero player can’t wear this item, that means there is no Aditional Skill from the equipment set.

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