Chimera kingdom lore

Chimera Kingdom

Chimera Kingdom is a shattered world where magic has gone mad. Many years ago, the insane archmage Prometheo wanted to subdue all the elements and magic, but could not cope with the power of the created crystal. A cataclysm struck and changed the Kingdom beyond recognition.

Now Chimera Kingdom is a number of living splinters, where the strangest and most unusual inhabitants live. This world is versatile: refuge of the fiery warriors Chimerron, abode of cute living sweets Chimera-chan, a bunch of crafty air pirates Trickmind, Moreanna the aquatic shard, wise but arrogant Cloustain. And, yes, we almost forgot about the Isle of the Forgotten.

On the living fantastic planets-splinters you can find the most extraordinary chimeras. Magical creatures mixed with each other, mixed with animals, plants, objects and even phenomena. Meeting the hourglass princess is usually the case here.

Splinters can fight and absorb each other to gain resources and become more powerful. Who will be the winner and receive the greatest reward? Depends on the skill and cunning of the players.

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