Generals are the main characters. Heroes fight under their command. General takes damage if the round is lost. If the General's health drops to zero, the player is eliminated from the battle.

Racial bonus

Each General has a race. During the battle, General gives a bonus to the characteristics of all heroes of his race. Races are:

  • Red-hots

  • Sweets

  • High

  • Underwater

  • Sky pirates

  • Forgotten

General level

General gets experience points for each match. With a new level, he gets skill points.

Player can use skill points to increase the level of the General's skills. Skills become more and more powerful with new levels.


For each General player can choose three unique skills.

Passive skills provide permanent bonuses in combat. Active abilities are activated during the battle, when they are charged.

Player can choose a skill when the General reaches 5, 10 and 15 level.

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