Heroes on the battlefield


When 2 or more heroes of the same race or one class are gathered on the field, synergy is activated. Each synergy is a permanent bonus to stats or other game elements. Synergy lasts as long as there is a sufficient number of heroes of this class / race on the field. Synergy effect depends on race and class. If more than 2 heroes are collected – synergy effect is increased. Several synergies can act at the same time, creating powerful and varied combinations.


All heroes that can be bought in the battle shop start participating in the battle with one star. If a player has two identical heroes, they will merge into one stronger hero with two stars, which will occupy one place on the field instead of two, while being stronger. Heroes can merge until they reach four stars – the Megastar. Such heroes are the strongest on the field.

Heroes on the battlefield


Each hero has one unique ultimate. It can be both active and passive.

Passive ultimates provide permanent bonuses while the hero is on the battlefield. They can also apply effects under certain circumstances. For example, Morrie the Hatter leaves behind the Living Hat after death. It continues to fight on the field.

Active abilities work when the hero has accumulated enough energy. Energy increases with each attack. The ability can activate various actions: for example, deal damage, heal or apply effects.

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