Core gameplay

Players distribute the resource (silver coins): sell and buy units, expand the squad, improve abilities.

The battle phase happens automatically: units fight, Generals use their skills.

At the end of the round, player receive silver coins.

Players use the received coins to buy new units in barracks and upgrade the squad.

Round system

Each round has two phases: preparing and fighting.


Players place the strongest units on the battlefield and plan a synergy that improves the abilities of the army.

Preparing phase is crusial. Player buys, sells and rearranges heroes on the battlefield. In the barracks, player has 4 random heroes that he can buy, also he can upgrade the barracks, but it's not free.

Player has limited number of heroes that he can place on the battlefield, so he has to buy new tiles during the battling phase.


When player gets 2 identical heroes they merge into a stronger one. That's great, because he takes one place instead of two, but he is much more stronger. After merge hero gets 2 stars. 2 identical heroes with 2 stars can be merged again to get 3 stars, and then merge up to 4 stars (we call it a megastar).


When player has 2 or more heroes with the same race or class on the battlefield they create a synergy. Tohether they are stonger and get buffs. The more heroes in a synergy the stronger a buff.


During the battling phase heroes fight automatically, until one of the armies is destroyed or until the end of the round (up to 30 seconds). If palyers army loses his General will take damage.

Then player participates in another rounds until all Generals except one are defeated. The army of the winning General takes first place.

Hero ultimate

Every hero has his unique ultimate. They can heal, make damage, change allie's or opponent's stats, create clones, poison, and much more. A hero gets some energy from each attack he makes. When the energy is full he activates his ultimate.

General skills

Generals also have skills. Each of them can have up to 4 unique skills that are used on the battlefield.

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